Welcome to BENDracing!    

Next Race:  Bend-AR Sept 10-11, 2016


Location:  Ochocco Mountains (near Prineville)
Format: Point to Point, Expedition Style.  Racers will be bussed to the start and cross epic terrain on their way to the finish
Disciplines (and difficulty rating of 1-10):
  • Trekking (7)
  • Mountain bike (8) lots of singletrack and ascent/descent.  No hike-a-bike
  • Paddling (2) flatwater, wind possible
  • Navigation (9) serious terrain.  Short course options (6)
  • Ropes (6) 200′ free hanging rappel.  Optional.
  • Endurance (9).  Its a non-stop 30 hour race.  Duh.
Mandatory Gear:  (not finalized)
  • Trek:  WP jacket, top and bottom baselayers, beanie/buff
  • Bike: Mt. bike, helmet, front and rear lights, repair kit, 15mm Thru axle adapter if your bike needs one
  • Paddle: canoe or kayak or SUP (not recommended unless you race them), paddle, pfd, whistle.
  • safety: space blanket, cell phone
  • Ropes:  climbing harness, ATC style rappel device (no figure 8s), 2 locking biners, one sewn sling.  The team needs one prussic loop/extra sewn sling for safety for first rappel.

This race is limited to 50 racers due to logistical constraints.  Which means you get awesome support and to race in some remote, majestic areas.  We only have 12 spots left open!   Race details will be sent to registered race captains mid August.



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