About Us

United by a passion for AR, Bend Racing is on a mission to bring more adventure, fun and racing to Oregon and the Pacific North.

Created by Bendites and members of Team YogaSlackers, a premiere US AR Team (currently ranked 9th in the World), putting on races was a natural next step from competing in epic races around the world. Known for creating courses that showcase the rugged beauty of Central Oregon, more than anything Bend Racing wants racers to have an adventure to remember, push their limits and have fun.

Team Yogaslackers: (from L to R) Jason, Chelsey, and Daniel

Jason Magness: Race Director

Jason Magness of Bend, Ore., is a co-founder of YogaSlackers, an internationally-recognized movement, as well as a veteran climber and adventurer. “I race all over the world with one goal in mind: to find simplicity. Once the start gun goes off, our team is united in a single goal, and each step we take, each energy bar we eat, and every bearing that we shoot is part of that purpose.” Magness has completed more than 50 adventure races and expeditions around the planet.

Websites: teamyogaslackers.comgearjunkie.comjandctraining.com 

Glenn Millar: Race Director


The former owner and race director of the Desert Dash series in Las Vegas, Glenn is an avid mountain biker and adventure racer.  Now settled in Bend, OR, when not chasing his Bend Racing Partners around the wilderness he is a global dairy executive selling products in Asia and trading the markets in Chicago.

Chelsey Magness: Course Runner/Photographer

Chelsey Magness (Gribbon) of Bend, Ore., is a member of the YogaSlackers. “I race because I like exploring the beautiful places of this world that very few people get to see. Further, I love how racing forces me to explore an emotional landscape of mountains and valleys that I might never see in ‘normal’ life.” Chelsey and Jason Magness were married in June, 2011.

Dana Clark: Course Runner/Photographer


As a former race director and partner at Desert Dash, Dana is a dirt addict with a singletrack mind. You can find her running, mountain biking, or snowshoe running on the trails in and around her home in Bend, OR. When not playing outdoors, she takes on the roles of freelance writer, photographer, and local beer connoisseur.

Website: dirtylittlerunnergirl.com

Daniel Staudigel: Web Guru/Course Runner

Daniel Staudigel, age 27, likes to “travel with a purpose, and these days that means adventure racing!” Staudigel raced on Team GearJunkie/YogaSlackers in the Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race (2010, 2011,2012). “When you’re racing, you get to see such a great selection of places, from the town it starts in to the darkest corner of the backcountry.”

Website: teamyogaslackers.comgearjunkie.com,


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